UIUC GE STARS Recruiting Survey
Description: To collect pertinent application information from UIUC candidates who are seeking a position at General Electric.
Q1. What is your name? *
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Q2. What is your major? *
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Q3. What is your e-mail address? *
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Q4. What type of degree will you be receiving? *
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Q5. What is your GPA? *
Q6. What is your current year in school? *
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Q7. What is your graduation date? (please estimate the exact date) *
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Q8. Are you geographically mobile? *
Q9. What are possible locations that you would be interested in? *
  Northeast (MA, CT, NY)
  East (VA, NC, PA)
  Southeast (FL, GA)
  Midwest (IL, KY, OH, WI)
  South (TX, LA)
  Northwest (WA, OR)
  West (CA, NV)
  Southwest (AZ, NM)
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Application Info
Q10. Please input the candidate # you received after submiting your resume via www.gecareers.com (if you have not done this, please do so now). *
Q11. Which GE leadership program are you interested in? *
  EEDP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/edison_global.html
  IMLP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/IMLP_global.html
  FMP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/FMP_global.html
  OMLP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/OMLP_global.html
  CLP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/clp_global.html
  HRLP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/HRLP_global.html
  eCLP - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/global/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/eclp_global.html
  Other - http://www.gecareers.com/GECAREERS/html/us/studentOpportunities/leadershipPrograms/entry_level.html
  Other:  (Maximum 250 characters)
Q12. Which of the following positions are you interested in? *
  Full time direct hire
  Full time leadership program
  Other:  (Maximum 250 characters)
Q13. Have you uploaded your resume onto Symplicity, EASE, or another similar system? *
  Other:  (Maximum 250 characters)
Q14. Which GE Business(es) are you interested in working for? *
  GE Industrial - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/gecp.htm
  GE Infrastructure - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/ge_infrastructure.htm
  GE Commercial Finance - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/ge_comm_finance.htm
  GE Consumer Finance - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/ge_cons_finance.htm
  GE Healthcare - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/ge_healthcare.htm
  NBC-Universal - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/ge_nbc_universal.htm
  No Preference - http://www.ge.com/en/company/businesses/
  Other:  (Maximum 250 characters)
Q15. Why do you want to work for GE? *
(Maximum 1000 characters)
Q16. Where do you see yourself three years from now? *
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Note : Questions marked with "*" character at the end are mandatory.
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